Welcome to Country Belle Society

Where Country Ladies Come Together

About Us

The mission of the Society is to bring rural ladies together as a community. To offer a place to connect with likeminded women and combine all of our knowledge, life experience and resources to come out the other side more confident and self sufficient!

We may be far apart but with the technology we have.. it doesn't have to stay that way! From basic cow health to recipes, different mindsets when addressing farm problems to tips on flower farming, the Society is here to offer a space to ask questions and share anything and everything we can and want to. All with a little side of humour of course!

The only rule? BE NICE! There is no need to make anyone feel dumb for not knowing something they simply don't know.

Every month there's a live chat with guest speakers and a recipe drop, because who isn't looking for fresh new meal ideas? There's also a weekly forum topics and always an open discussion page! 

This is a passion project that will eventually be turned into a membership so that we can offer you even more resources. The ultimate dream is to put on live events where we can all meet in real life!

In the meantime, join our community and welcome! We're excited to get to know you!